Smart Calling™ Seminars

Have a Customized Smart Calling Training Program Developed for Your Company or Association

“Smart Calling for Inside Sales Professionals”
This program would be primarily for sales pros who rarely or never leave the office and conduct most or all of their business by phone.

“Smart Calling
for Outside Sales Professionals”
This is for outside, face-to-face sales pros who use the phone to prospect for new business, arrange initial face-to-face meetings, and service customers by phone.

“Smart Calling for Non-Salespeople”
Many entrepreneurs, professionals, and employees within organizations do not consider themselves traditional “salespeople,” yet must sometimes call others they do not know to initiate relationships, whether they be sales relationships or otherwise. This program show them how to use the Smart Calling system and techniques to have more success with these calls, and do it with confidence.

Art will develop a customized Smart Calling™ training program specifically for your company or association. Depending on your requirements and time availability, these programs can range in length from two hours to an entire day or more.

After listening to recording of phone calls, interviewing key personnel,and studying your sales process, market, and competition,  Art will develop a customized Smart Calling™ training program specifically for your company or association. Programs are customized for you specifically, and contain these components.

  • How to gather intelligence online and offline prior to placing your call
  • How to use “social engineering” within your prospect organization to further “Smarten” your ultimate call
  • How to use the intelligence you gather to craft voice mail messages that pique curiosity, grab attention, and cause more prospects to want to speak with you
  • How to use your Smart intelligence to plan and create a questioning plan that not only gathers information, but goes to a higher sales level, moving the prospect into more of a buying state of mind
  • Proven techniques to move the Smart Call™ forward more quickly, shortening the sales cycle, getting prospects into a more rapid buying process
  • How to avoid “rejection” as a result of the Smart Call™.

…plus much more

Talk to Art Sobczak about customizing and delivering a Smart Calling™ workshop for your company or association. Contact him at 800-326-7721, or (402)895-9399.